Rules and Conduct


Waiver & Release

All participants, including students, coaches, mentors, and volunteers, must sign a waiver & release to attend the event. You may click the link below to utilize the online form, or you may download the form, complete, and bring to the event.

Selection Details

The Missouri State Championships is an invitation only event for the top 32* ranked Missouri teams. The top 8 ranked teams will be alliance captains. Alliances will be made up of  4 teams. Invitations will be announced once all Missouri teams have completed their regional schedule. If a team declines an invitation the next ranked team in line will move up to receive an invitation.

*If a top 32 ranked team declines an invitation, then the next highest ranked team will receive an invitation.

*Host teams will be given consideration for competition at MSRC within the 32 invited teams.

Ranking Details

Ranking will be based off the District Standard Ranking System. Points will be based upon the team’s first two events. Teams that only participate in one event will have their points doubled. Culture Award points will not be doubled.  Ex. Chairman’s, etc.

Competition Details

Official FIRST field, FMS, rules, etc. from the 2019 season. Team load in will be on Friday night and/or early Saturday morning. The field will be open for connectivity and sensor calibration before exhibition matches, which will be played in the morning (does not affect rankings). Alliance selections are before lunch. Elimination matches are after lunch. Awards ceremony will occur at the conclusion of elimination matches.

Bag and Tag Rules

Teams will follow bag and tag rules until their final event.  After that point teams are allowed to make modifications to their robot if they so choose.  In an effort to prevent teams from bringing 100% brand new robots to the event we request that teams make no more than 30 lbs. worth of improvements to their competition robot.  An honor system will be in place.

Robot Inspections

Teams will be required to follow all robot safety and inspection rules.  Teams will be required to be checked for size and weight compliance.  It will be up to Safety inspectors to perform more detailed inspections if they deem it necessary.  Teams should be competition ready when they arrive with their robots.


Teams will be provided with a 10×10 area to set up their pits. Each pit will be provided with a single 110V outlet and a 6 foot table.